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Have you ever wanted to write a letter to your past self? How about your future self?

There’s a neat website that allows you to write a note to your future self called https://www.futureme.org/ 

I’m going to do a few for the 1 year mark to checkup on my goals, but could also be a really nice reminder from yourself why you chose the path you did, because it can be hard to see clearly when you’re in the midst of something challenging and feel like giving up.

Also, DM me https://www.instagram.com/margreffell/ your email and I’ll write you a nice note for the future! 

Wondering where to start?

I’m currently working on a guide that helps online business owners navigate the technical side of running an online business.

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Navigating the Tech of your online business

A Web Developers guide to building your online systems without overwhelm.

Coming winter 2022.

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