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Freelance Friday | Tips on Getting Clients

Freelance Friday!!

How do I get clients?!

Along with pricing, this is one of the most common questions that I get asked. Luckily, we have an episode all about it on the Business of Freelancing podcast! Check out how the panel attracts and secures leads, as well as my top 3 ways I have built my client base.

Hint: They all revolve around forging relationships with professionals in complementary industries, as well as being willing and visible to take on work from those a couple steps ahead of you.


Episode Link: https://www.businessoffreelancing.com/podcast/getting-freelancing-leads-101/

Wondering where to start?

I’m currently working on a guide that helps online business owners navigate the technical side of running an online business.

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Navigating the Tech of your online business

A Web Developers guide to building your online systems without overwhelm.

Coming winter 2022.

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