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BFCM Hangover

BFCM Hangover⁣

How did you manage navigating the biggest shopping weekend of the year as a merchant and as a customer?⁣



It’s always a busy time in the world of ecommerce. Here’s 3 things my ecom clients have done to improve sales when the competition is high.

1. Focus on the unboxing experience. Packaging is something that’s so often overlooked by vendors, but creating an exciting unboxing experience for your customers will elevate your brand and allow your customers to share that experience on social (FREE ADVERTISING!!!)

2. Good customer support. Holy moly is customer service ever awful these days. A speedy resolution to a customer problem will go a long way. The goal is simple, fix the issue quickly, and elevate their experience so they will always remember you, and turn into a recurring client.⁣
3. Bonus Offerings!! To many peoples surprise, I’m actually not a fan of discounting goods and services. I’ve seen higher profits, and increased sales through client sites when they choose to add more bonuses, as opposed to offer discounts (I am a fan of offering deals through subscription services, but that’s another conversation)⁣

There are so many more strategies when it comes to selling online, but only so much that fits in a single post, so I’ll do a few more of these lists,  So be sure to stay tuned!

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